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Using your design ideas, the professionals at Vision Landscape will transform your property's outdoor space into something you'll be proud of. Our team is comprised of expert technicians, a certified Horticulturist as well as landscape design specialists that will work together seamlessly to realize your vision.

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About Us

Proudly delivering the finest landscaping in Saskatoon.

At Vision Landscape we understand that your home is a reflection of you, therefore it is important who you choose to work with. With countless flawlessly-completed projects under our belts, we've helped many Saskatoon property owners turn their outdoor space from ideas into reality.

Vision Landscape is dedicated to the concept of quality outdoor space creation and maintenance at affordable prices. Our job is to provide superior service to our clients. Vision Landscape strives to provide our clients with a creative plan or design and unsurpassed workmanship to transform each yard into an appealing landscape that not only meets their needs but exceeds their expectations.

Vision Landscape is a family owned business that has been serving Saskatoon since 2009. We employ skilled personnel who know the importance of serving our customers through a positive, respectful attitude and excellent work ethic. Tom Levy has 15+ years of experience in the landscape industry. He is unrivalled in his attention to detail, quality and customer service, and is very efficient, versatile, creative, and reliable in the delivery of his work. We know the importance of trained professionals and hire accordingly.

We envision Vision Landscape becoming the industry leader in Saskatoon by providing services that will bring long-lasting beauty, value and innovation to each yard. Our goal is for people to associate Vision Landscape with being the premier landscape contractor that specializes in hardscape construction and installation.

Your customized outdoor space is just a phone call away - call Vision Landscape at 306-373-6716 to discuss your project details.

Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

Top level landscaping involves many different aspects and we do them all, from design to execution to maintenance. Our main landscaping services are listed below

Softscape are elements that are fluid and changing as they mature. These can include the planting of turf, trees, shrubs and flower beds. Here at Vision Landscape we know the ideal landscape is a balance of both hardscape and softscape. We look at softscaping as the finishing touch bringing your landscape to life.

Another part of softscape, that begins before the first brick is laid or a shrub planted, is the grading of your yard. Vision Landscape takes great care in ensuring our clients property is graded correctly to protect not only their landscape but their biggest investment, their home. A significant amount of time is put into proper grade, slope and site prep to ensure a lasting landscape.

Landscaping design and maintenance may get the most attention, but simple touches like the right lighting and irrigation are what can boost a Saskatoon outdoor space from being good to extraordinary. If you want your property to be the latter, then Vision Landscape has a wealth of lighting and irrigation services to offer.

We work with only the best Landscape Lighting suppliers. Whether you are lighting your yard for security purposes or wanting to highlight the beautiful areas of your garden we have the right package for you.

Vision Landscape irrigation services may fly under the radar, but they are one of the key concepts in many impressive Saskatoon yards. Including tasks such as sprinkler installation and building drainage channels, these services ensure that your plants are getting the right amount of water and prevent unsightly spots that can happen on dry or overly wet areas.

Call Vision Landscape at 3006-373-6716 to take your landscape to the next level.

As a complete landscaping services provider, Vision Landscape has your hardscape projects handled. From decks and fences to retaining walls, patios and brick driveways. In Saskatoon, our hardscaping work is starting to draw more and more attention from clients looking to upgrade the function of their property.

Hardscape provides erosion control, earth retention, slope stabilization as well provide structure to the garden and allow the architecture of the home to extend outside. Done wrong, hardscaping can be a severe eyesore and can detract heavily from both the appearance and usage of your space. At Vision Landscape, our team has been working with pavers, wood, stone, and more and we're proud of our ability to build from a wide range of materials. Regardless of the material we're using, you can rest assured that it will be high quality and stand the test of time.

In planning out the hardscaping job to be done, whether it's a water fountain or a gazebo, retaining wall or brick driveway, we'll show you examples of our previous work as well as discuss the pros and cons of each material and style. Our work is custom created on a case by case basis.

Your Saskatoon property's hardscaping doesn't have to be drab. Call Vision Landscape at 306-373-6716 for an elegant hardscaping solution.

Nearly all Saskatoon property owners have visions of a perfectly manicured outdoor space, but turning ideas into reality is a different matter. Vision Landscape knows how to take these ideas, improve them, and create a unique outdoor space that makes you proud of your property. Our thorough approach will ensure that no detail is overlooked and that the final product is complete in every way.

At Vision Landscape, we always focus on functionality first maximizing the usable space and presenting an attractive appearance at the same time. Our designs can be found throughout the city and many of the top outdoor spaces are created by us.

For landscape design that elevates your Saskatoon property to a living work of art, call Vision Landscape at 306-373-6716.


The prospect of undertaking a large landscaping project was a very frightening idea to the both of us. Who can we trust? Our early efforts were exhausting as we interviewed potential landscapers to take on the work. It was important to us to find a company we could trust to do the job RIGHT for FAIR pricing. Finding VISION LANDSCAPE and meeting Tom left us confident that we had found someone whom understood our needs. Their motto promised that our vision was their mission and they certainly honoured that commitment throughout the entire project. From early honesty pricing, through dedicated effort to complete the project according to schedule; VISION LANDSCAPE managed the development of our entire yard with insightful attention to what was both the right way to do things and aesthetic appeal. This is a company that offers great people, premium service and quality that rivals the best of their competition.

I was drawn to Vision Landscape watching the crew work on neighboring homes. The finished product was amazing but what really grabbed my attention was all the extra work they did preparing for the paving stones, stairs, sod and planting beds. The time and attention they spent in completing the groundwork gave me the reassurance that the final product would last, especially in our tough climate. I had Vision Landscape complete my entire landscaping and could not be happier. Starting with my ideas Tom, Jodi and their crew used their knowledge and experience to take my expectations much further then I could have ever imagined. Working with Vision Landscape gave me the confidence that the investment in my landscaping would be well worth it, and it was. The finished product has only gotten better over the years. I now recommend Vision Landscape to everyone that asks, and with a yard as great as mine, everyone is asking.

I had a vision on how our new yard was going to look.low maintenance but I needed piazza! It wasn't going to be an easy job and it wasn't going to be the traditional wood deck, sod and perimeter plant beds. My free time was limited and I needed help to get this done. I needed someone to build this yard for us and interpret my vision; someone I could trust to make it happen. First and foremost, the company name caught my eye. Scrolling through their project photos on their website gave me goose-bumps! It also confirmed for me this company was for us! I threw together a sketch of my vision, put together an email and sent it off, hook, line and sinker.. waiting for a bite. It wasn't long when I was contacted with a big "Yes, we are very interested; we love challenges!". So, Vision Landscape was hired. Consulting with Tom, he easily shared his expertise, guided us in design and budget to help make our yard grow into reality. The team worked through long, hot days and when it rained for days straight, Tom visited the yard several times daily to pump water! I never saw shortcuts. You could see the pride in the workmanship. The end product was bang on! Our yard has a combination of stone walkways, artificial turf (dog proof!), and a three layer brick patio with cedar pergola, brick path, drip irrigation, a wee garden and plant bed gravel ground cover. And we couldn't be happier! Thanks to Vision Landscape!

We love our patios. Tom and his guys are excellent to work with. We are already in talks to have more work done this spring / summer.

Vision Landscapers did an amazing job in our backyard. We have had multiple compliments from passers by. They put in a walkway and firepit, multiple beds around the yard, and properly sloped the yard so that we now don't have our sump pump running constantly. They were easy to work with and had great ideas.

We hired Vision Landscape for a very large job; all of the landscaping for our front and back yard. Lot's of brick work, water, electrical, artificial turf, and shrubs. Very happy with the quality of work and would not hesitate to recommend. The photos are from the back yard. The front yard looks amazing too. Vision did a complete brick driveway for us, with a curvy brick walkway to the front porch. More artificial turf and shrubs in the front. We absolutely love how our yard turned out.

Tom and the staff were great to work with, the project was completed on time and on budget. I was especially impressed with their professionalism and friendliness.

Vision Landscape was without a doubt, one of the best companies we have ever worked with when it came to our home. They were extremely thorough in their work and very fair with their pricing. They were able to take our ideas and make them a reality for us! Thank you Tom and Jodi

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